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Sacramental Whine

Nov 6, 2022

Welcome to Episode 115! In this episode I interviewed Robert Ponsford. 

Robert Ponsford is an Independent Episcopal Bishop with the Anglican Protestant Church which is the Anglican Ordinance of the United Episcopal Catholic Communion and a part of the Episcopal Free Communion.


Sacramental Whine: Chronicling the...

Oct 1, 2022

Welcome to episode 114, in this episode I have the honor of speaking with Bishop Joel Dooley.

Bishop Joel is the Primate of the Old Catholic Spirit Filled Church World Wide.  His passion for the Gospel and the Sacramental understanding is evident, as he talks with people of different faiths and backgrounds about the...

Sep 1, 2022

Welcome to episode 113, in this episode I have the honor of interviewing Brother Merrick Moses.

Brother Merrick Moses is an ordained Old Catholic Benedictine priest and monk, writer, community activist, and preacher living in Baltimore, MD. This native New Yorker is a graduate of Morgan State University with a Bachelor...

Aug 1, 2022

Welcome to episode 112! In this episode I explore the mysticism of Howard Thurman and the pragmatism of Martin Luther King, Jr. In seminary I (David Oliver Kling) specialized in Black Church and African Diaspora Studies and the theology of Thurman and King were the focus of my research. I believe the Independent...

Jul 1, 2022

Welcome to episode 111, in this episode I have the honor of interviewing Bishop Shaun McCann, also known as Patriarch Iohannes IV of the Apostolic Johannite Church.

Originally consecrated on December 22nd, 2002 as Bishop of Alberta, Iohannes IV was shortly thereafter elevated to Patriarch and Primate of the Apostolic...