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Sacramental Whine

Oct 1, 2021

Welcome to episode 102, in this episode I have the honor of interviewing Bishop Pamela Joy Giese.

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Bishop Pamela Joy Giese has a lifelong interest in the esoteric, having had her first mystical experience at age 5. 

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and a Master of Sacred Science from the International College of Esoteric Studies in Barbados. 

She was ordained a priest in the Eglise Gnostique Catholique Apostolique in 2001 and later consecrated a bishop in 2010. 

She is an active member of the Theosophical Society and a founding member of the Arnica Collective and the Treasury of Light, a Gnostic Church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in England. 

For the past 40+ years, she continues to be employed as a scientific computer programmer to fund her book habit.

This podcast is hosted by Bishop David Oliver Kling, and produced by The Community of Saint George, a Young Rite Jurisdiction.