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Sacramental Whine

Feb 22, 2021

Welcome to Episode 93, in this episode I have the honor of welcoming back Acolyte Kathleen Ostlie.  She was initially a guest on the podcast a little over a year ago and it is great to have her back.

Kathleen Ostlie, is in minor orders as an acolyte in the Apostolic Johannite Church; she has a love for writing,...

Feb 16, 2021

Welcome to Episode 92, in this episode I welcome back Father Kevin Daugherty.  I’ve had Father Kevin on the podcast before, but since it has been a while let me introduce him again.

Fr. Kevin Daugherty is a priest and a New Monastic, from Lincoln, Pennsylvania. Fr. Kevin is an Elder and Secretary-Treasurer within the

Feb 7, 2021

Welcome to Episode 91, in this episode I have the honor of interviewing Chaplain Robert Caruso.

Chaplain Robert W. Caruso is a native of Chicago, Illinois. Chaplain Caruso earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota with a double major in Philosophy and Legal Studies. He went on and...

Feb 3, 2021

Welcome to episode 89. In this episode, I have the honor of interviewing Father Shaun Ake-Little.

Father Shaun was recently ordained to the priesthood this past June within the Progressive Catholic Church by Bishop Joseph Ciccone. He was informally in formation with another jurisdiction for about 8 years before...