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Sacramental Whine

Dec 28, 2020

Welcome to episode 87, in this episode I have the honor of interviewing seminarian Laura Hayes Marsh.

Laura Hayes Marsh is currently a Seminarian with Ascension Alliance at Ascension Theological College.  She has worn many hats in life such as mother, divorcée, and widow.  Her previous educational pursuits include an associate degree in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Psychology.  She’s a Sagittarius who likes to sing and bake.  She currently works as a paraprofessional in a self-contained elementary classroom for students with Autism (ABLE) and works on weekends and holidays as a Pharmacy Technician.  In the past, her occupations have included classroom teacher, state environmental investigator, and owner of a home bakery called, “Going Bananas.” 

Her spiritual formation began in the United Methodist Church; however, the Episcopal Church offered a part-time job in the late 1990s, after which the liturgy spoke to Laura’s soul, and she became a member of an Episcopal parish.  After Confirmation, God nudged her to do more than just singing in the Chancel Choir, and in 2015, she served as a Lector, a Eucharistic Minister, and as a Lay Eucharistic Visitor in the Episcopal Church.  Serving in various church ministries led her to community service as an on-call Justice Court Chaplain and participation in the Behavioral Health and Suicide Prevention Taskforce. In 2017, a pilgrimage to the Holy Land opened her heart and mind, and she acknowledged a call to the Priesthood.  She began discerning a vocation in the Episcopal church and working with a Spiritual Director.  During the process of discernment, an unfulfilled need was discovered. Finding a Spiritual Director who was a better fit led her to pursue a Master of Divinity with Ascension Alliance.  Her ministry goal is in Healthcare Chaplaincy.


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This podcast is hosted by Bishop David Oliver Kling and produced by The Community of Saint George (a Young Rite jurisdiction).