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Sacramental Whine

Jan 31, 2020

Welcome to episode 56.  In this episode, I have the honor of interviewing Kathleen Ostlie.

Kathleen enjoys learning, writing, and speaking on a variety of esoteric topics; mainly dealing with the western esoteric tradition.  She is dedicated to the search and application of truth which has been central to her since childhood and is what inspired her to pursue external and personal education in Philosophy. She is a published poet and essay writer. Kathleen is also an artist, business marketer, freelance writer, counselor, tutor, and event/ retreat organizer.

She is in love with hermetic mystic Christianity with great respect and love for sacramentalism and the beauty in the roots of the Christian tradition. Kathleen has found a home within the Apostolic Johannite Church and is working the minor orders having recently been ordained a cleric. A core belief that influences her work is reconciliation, bringing people with different views together for civil conversation and learning experiences.


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This podcast is hosted by David Oliver Kling and produced by The Community of Saint George (The Young Rite).