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Sacramental Whine

Mar 28, 2019

In this episode, I had the honor of interviewing: 

Vladichitsa Olga, also known as Maeve Leroux.  She is Metropolitan Bishop of the Universalist Orthodox Church, an Independent and Autocephalous jurisdiction. The Universalist Orthodox Church maintains the ancient and rich liturgical forms of worship found in Eastern Orthodox Christianity. However, as an emulation of the evident boundless love of God, all people are included at every level of Church life.

As a pansexual transgender woman, Olga would normally be excluded from ministry and be denied the Eucharist in any mainline Orthodox community—despite confessing the fullness of the Orthodox faith. This is a common struggle for many Orthodox Christians, for any variety of reasons, and is the original impetus behind the formation of the Universalist Orthodox Church. 

In addition to the basic responsibilities of managing her jurisdiction, she also functions as an Abbess. She draws on her monastic background for any who wish to deepen their personal spirituality and engage in the work of Theosis as Orthodox monastics.

Vladichitsa is also deeply passionate about liturgical and sacred art, and rather than serving as officiant during most liturgies, prefers to preside at the chanter’s stand.

As part of her vocation, but also a means to support the ministry of her parish, she also sews vestments of various traditions—primarily for other clergy within the Independent Sacramental Movement. This is something she is greatly honored to do and values as a deeply prayerful, creative, and joyful task.

In this episode we discussed several topics including:

  • Her elevator speech.
  • Her identify as a pansexual transgender woman. And how it has affected and influenced her ministry.
  • The formation of the Universalist Orthodox Church.
  • Her experience as a monk in the canonical Orthodox Church.
  • Her greatest challenge in ministry.
  • Finally, her greatest blessing in ministry.

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This podcast is produced by The Community of Saint George (The Young Rite).