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Sacramental Whine

May 1, 2019

In this episode, I have the honor of interviewing:

Father Kevin Daugherty of Lincoln, Pennsylvania.  He is the co-founder, Abbot and priest of Kindling Fires: A New Monastic Order and is Mission Developer/Pastor of the Mission St. Anthony within the Anthem Network. Kevin was ordained to Christian ministry in April 2013, became an Ordained Elder within The Anthem Network in October 2017, and was commissioned as Abbot in June 2018.

In the episode we discuss several things including:

  • His elevator speech.
  • He describes Kindling Fires: A New Monastic Order. What it is and what makes it unique.
  • He describes the New Monasticism movement.
  • He talks about his vision for ministry in general and his vision for the Independent Sacramental Movement.
  • He describes his greatest challenge within ministry.
  • And finally, he talks about his greatest blessing within ministry.


The Anthem Network.

Kindling Fires: A New Monastic Order.

This episode is sponsored, in part, by Convergent Streams: The Premier ISM Magazine!

This episode is sponsored by The Community of Saint George (The Young Rite).