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Sacramental Whine

Feb 8, 2019

In this episode, I have the honor of interviewing:

Bishop Bob McDonald, also known as Tau Meinrad.  He is the Metropolitan Primate of the Liberal Catholic Union, an ecclesiastical Assembly of communities of Neo-Gnostic Sacramental and Liberal Catholic traditions.

He grew up in the Roman Catholic Church and embraces a Benedictine path while expressing his Benedictine spirituality through the work of St. Meinrad.

Tau Meinrad is an instructor in Kabbalah, a certified Reiki practitioner and has studied the philosophical and spiritual traditions of the world for over two decades.  He believes in the pursuit of knowledge and engages in the Great work with the hope of helping others walk closer to God on their sacred pilgrimage toward Theosis.

In the interview, we talk about several topics including:

His elevator speech; his description of Christian Esotericism and how he implements it into his ministry; the history and evolutionary story of the Liberal Catholic Union; some challenges he has seen within the Independent Sacramental Movement; some of his blessings within ministry; balancing ministry and family life and finally we talk about imposter syndrome.

Liberal Catholic Union

Sponsor:  The Young Rite (Community of Saint George)