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Sacramental Whine

Feb 3, 2021

Welcome to episode 89. In this episode, I have the honor of interviewing Father Shaun Ake-Little.

Father Shaun was recently ordained to the priesthood this past June within the Progressive Catholic Church by Bishop Joseph Ciccone. He was informally in formation with another jurisdiction for about 8 years before attending seminary at Ascension Theological College.  While in formation, he served on his parish board of directors and served as president of the school board and as director of religious education.  For his day job, he teaches 7th-grade geography and moderates the school's history club.  In addition to being ordained in June, Father Shaun and his husband Ethan and moved into a new home right outside of Philadelphia where they reside with their new puppy Daisy and two cats Grayson and JoJo.


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This podcast is hosted by Bishop David Oliver Kling and is produced by the Community of Saint George (a Young Rite jurisdiction).